Executive Board

The Executive Board is the Centre’s executive organ, concerned with implementing the Centre’s goals defined by this Statute and Assembly decisions. The Executive Board has five members, elected and relieved by the Assembly. The Executive Board elects among its members a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, and Secretary General. The Chairman of the Executive Board is the representative of the Centre in legal and financial transactions with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. The Deputy Chairman is authorized to represent the Centre in the absence of the Chairman, with all the rights and responsibilities of the Chairman. The Secretary General is the organizational link between the Centre’s organs and the members, tasked with organizing the Centre’s activities, preparing activity and annual reports, and presiding over the Assembly. The term of office of Executive Board members is four years. Members may be re-elected to the same office.

The Executive Board:

  • directs the Centre’s activities between Assembly meetings and makes decisions aimed at achieving the Centre’s goals;
  • organizes regular Centre affairs;
  • entrusts special tasks to individual members;
  • makes financial decisions;
  • decides to launch the process of alteration and amendment of the Statute, either on its own initiative or upon proposal submitted by at least five members of the Centre, and prepares the proposal for alteration and amendment which is submitted to the Assembly.

Executive Board decisions are valid if made in the presence of no less than three members. Decisions are carried by the majority of members present.

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