The Assembly of the Centre is composed of all members. The Assembly ordinarily meets once a year. An extraordinary meeting of the Assembly may be convened by a substantiated proposal of the Executive Board or by a written initiative of no less than one third of the members.

The Assembly:

  • accepts the plan and program of activities, proposed by the Program Council;
  • accepts the Statute, alterations and amendments to the Statute, and other general documents of the Centre;
  • discusses and accepts, at least once a year, the report of the Executive Board;
  • discusses and accepts the annual financial plan and report;
  • elects and relieves members of the Executive Board;
  • decides on joining or entering other associations at home and abroad;
  • decides on all changes of the Centre’s status, including cessation of activity.

The Assembly’s decisions are valid if no less than half of the members are present. Decisions are carried by the majority of members present. Decisions regarding alteration or amendment of the Statute, relief of Executive Board members, and cessation of the Centre’s activity require a majority of the total number of members.

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