About the Centre

The Centre for Advanced Medieval Studies is founded as a non-party, non-government, non-profit citizens’ association whose goals are to develop, advance and popularize academic research in the field of medieval studies in the Republic of Serbia.

The Centre accomplishes its goals by:

  • devising and carrying out scientific projects dealing with medieval history of Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean, by recruiting experts in the fields of history and auxiliary historical sciences, theology, philology, philosophy, ethnology and anthropology, archaeology, sociology, and art history;
  • organizing, independently or in cooperation with other organizations, professional and scientific gatherings, councils, seminars, lectures, and other forms of professional improvement in the field of medieval studies;
  • publishing books and other publications in the above scientific fields, in accordance with the Associations Act;
  • cooperation with universities, scientific and research centres, professional associations, and other organizations at home and abroad devoted to the same or similar scientific disciplines.
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